Origin of Evangelical Free Church

In around 1850, there was a mass migration from northern Europe, mainly Swedish, Danish and Norwegians to North America. Christians among these migrants began to establish ethnic churches in the new home. Coincidently, at 1884, the Swedish Evangelical Free Church and the Danish-Norwegian Evangelical Free Church were formed. In 1950 these two churches merged into Evangelical Free Church of America.

In 1887, Rev. Hans J. von Qualen, first missionary delegated by Swedish Evangelical Free Church of America to China. The Evangelical Free of Church of China (EFCC) was established by Rev. von Qualen in 1888. The first church of Hong Kong was built in 1937. As the Chinese political scene changed in 1949, a large number of missionaries moved southward to Hong Kong where the EFCC concentrated most of its development. At this time, the EFCC Headquarters also moved to Hong Kong to continue the implementation of its goal.